summer-winter-springInstallation open Jan 13- 27, 2018 at Minnesota St Projects, SFArtsEd Gallery

Opening Reception Jan 13th, 2018

Artist Talk and Panel Jan 20th, 2018

Performances Jan 26th and Jan 27th, 2018

Summer, Winter, Spring is a live film and performance in three movements which explores the radically varying physical rhythms and seasons of the mid-market street corridor. The project centers on the idea of the tension, patterns, and built choreographies inherent amongst the micro-tonal movements and time scales of seasons and cities compared to the individual pedestrian moment.

It is a collaborative effort between Oakland’s MilkBar, led by intermedia and video artist Ian Winters and Kinetech Arts, led by Weidong Yang, Ph. D. Other key artists include choreographers: paige starling sorvillo (blindsight), Mary Armentrout (Milkbar) and Daiane Lopes da Silva (Kinetech) and composers Heather Frasch and Evelyn Ficarra.

The project is based on a series of day-long durational performances & time-lapse films of the same at seasonal tipping points at San Francisco Market Street’s UN / Civic Center Plaza and continuing with a final live performance integrating all 3 movements, time-lapse media, live performance and music in Jan 2018.

Produced as a MilkBar project and fiscally sponsored by Dancers Group, core funding for the project has been provided by the Rainin Foundation,  the Zellerbach Family Foundation, fee waivers from the SF Film Commission and  private donors.

For more information contact Ian Winters.

A few stills from our fantastic first day of shooting during the June 21st Summer Equinox Farmers Market: