7p June 28th, 2019

Bridge Art and Storage

23 Maine. Richmond CA 94804.


Summer, Winter, Spring is a live film and time-lapse performance in three movements which explores the radically varying physical rhythms and seasons of San Francisco’s UN Plaza and mid-Market street corridor through a combined film, performance and live music score created using 2 years of time-lapse performances in UN Plaza. It encompasses the sound and video installation, a series of single channel video pieces, along with site-specific “time-lapse” performances choreographed for each season by collaborator. SWS premiered in Jan 2018 as both an installation, and live performance at Minnesota St Project’s SFArtsED Gallery.

In addition to Winters and lead composer Evelyn Ficarra, key collaborators in the project including choreographers Daiane Lopes da Silva – spring (Kinetech Arts), paige starling sorvillosummer (blindsight), Mary ArmentroutWinter (Mary Armentrout Dance Theater and MilkBar),  film performances by actor Norman Gee, and additional sound from composer Heather Frasch plus the many wonderful guest performers in the films. For more about the collaborating artists.

Led by media artist Ian Winters, the Summer, Winter, Spring project encompasses a series of multi-channel video & sound installations centered on the eponymous 2-channel video work Summer, Winter, Spring featured at the August 2018 Djerassi installation. The project as includes a number of single channel video pieces, and a closely related live performance with the collaborating choreographers and live musicians.    All explore the radically varying human and natural rhythms of UN Plaza and the mid-market street corridor of San Francisco in a series of 3 movements based on respective seasons. In addition to aesthetic aims, Summer, Winter, Spring witnesses the deeply contested public space of San Francisco’s UN Plaza – which embodies many of the fault lines running through our current social, economic and political landscape.


Both the installation pieces and live performance are available for touring. For more information about the project, technical / installation rider and a complete list of video works included contact Ian Winters.


Summer, Winter, Spring has been generously supported by the Rainin Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, the SF Film Commission fee waiver program, The University of Sussex, and private donors, San Francisco Arts Ed, Minnesota St. Project, along with development support provided by the MilkBar,  Kinetech Arts, and 37 North, Inc. Summer, Winter, Spring is fiscally sponsored by Dancers Group.


Film stills

Prelude: the year

Movement II: Summer

Movement III: Winter